Acting on Principle

Today I want to talk about acting principled (principfast).IMG_8992

It can make me so stubborn, hard to get, irritating… but it is a comfort. Acting principled is the origin to feeling skeptical and the stone holding the sword of going with the flow. I have my way of looking at things and interacting and I have My truth. So say that I believe that people have different IQ depending on the color of the skin. Facts are laid in front of me saying that “no, it’s actually just a matter of protection, for the sun, and in its turn a filter of how much vitamin D that is let in through the skin”. Now I can say “no that is not the way it is because I have always known that that is not why there is a difference on the skincolor”.
But here is the thing – we are taught in school from a young age that we are either wrong or right. We are conditioned to make up our mind about what life is.. so I say:

Don’t tell life what life is, let life tell you what it is

Some subjects are in the school-curriculum (so we think that what we learn in school is what to be learnt in life) and then we are tested on those subjects. Either we are good/right or we are bad/wrong. We are taught to learn to repeat what life is, as if the ones telling me what to learn knows the essence of life. And who hasn’t had the feeling that what you learnt has changed after new studies and what you learnt was wrong. There is no balance. Where is the present in just being fine the way you are. Everything added on simply breathing, being happy and content is a bonus to living.

No one knows anything, we are just guessing our way forward

No wonder we act principled. After school I’ve read a lot about a lot, my special interest has been on what I’ve only heard mentioned while life went on. Meditation, gods, angels, stones, energies, (un)consciousness, love, fear, patterns, stars, the moon, planets, vibrations, frequencies, thoughts, happiness, ego(lessness) and, especially, souls. And the more I learn the more I realize that anything is possible and by being principled I only put “krokben”(the crooked leg) for myself from moving forward and expanding in my understanding of how things work. It is good to have some skepticism because that means that I wait making up my mind until I feel like I know what is going on. But then I need to actively get some more info and then make up my mind because feeling sceptic is a transition face, not something to linger in for a whole lifetime. So if you feel skeptical to something, that is good, it is a change for you to learn about something new.

Vegetarian. I just need to put a block in about it and acting principled. I eat vegetarian because I don’t like the way we mostly treat the animals but also because I feel much lighter in the body and find it easier to think, to run, to meditate, to sleep by eating vegetarian. Sometimes I eat meat, if the one I’m eating has had a good life with good food. Felt happiness. (As life is about energy exchange)

I don’t want to eat sadness

How about testing it, maybe be a weekday vegetarian and then eat meat during the weekend. Find a balance cause that is what we are lacking. Balance. Change takes time.

Taboos are created from skepticism which comes from lack of knowledge which may come from principled-acting people saying “we don’t touch that”. Things that are taboo are usually a good thing in the right amount of usage in the right way but as they have gone out of control and are used in the wrong way without knowledge they become taboo and in that matter “things you should not do or touch”.
Religion, sex, cigarettes, LSD, nudity, swearwords, yoga(yes many believe it is a religious act), meditation(!! it is what will save this world) only to mention what comes to my mind as I’m typing. Learn, you and I have the power to learn for ourselves and take life in our own hands and see how everything goes hand in hand and which things can be helpful.

We have internet, we have phones, we have the power to feel and to speak. We can probably know anything in the matter on minutes. Be skeptical, be open…

Be principled until you have so much faith in yourself that you can flow with what comes your way and still feeling strong.

With our egos we have different truths but there is a truth that is universal, as a mathematical equation, cause & effect. If I learn something new I need to realize that others already knew it and have acted accordingly to the knowledge, I just had to find it, it was always there.

Thanks for today, comment any thought you get reading this and let us evolve together. Love

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