Linedancers (we all are)

I have been spending time out in the archipelago. The calmness that lies over the water, between the islands is breathtaking.. or breathgiving. At first I hear nothing (no thing) but after a while I do not hear no-thing, I hear a thing, some-thing, I hear silence. That unknown, the darkness in the ears we do not give much attention. It is death, it is the dark, it is the unknown, where we do not see, do not feel, do not smell, do not touch. And no matter how much we disturb it, it is always there and will always return as soon as we stop moving. So what is more temporary, life or death?
Life. It is in every breath we take and if we would stop, only for a few minutes we would be gone and the dark would roll in. But then… the same thing would happen in complete darkness. Just the lightest ray of light or the tiniest breath of air would bring life and light – the opposite of darkness and death. Linedancers (we all are and everything is)
So why are we breathing, why are we moving. Look at the trees which are alive as much as we are yet they do not move on this earth. We all strive for acceptance and comfort but at the same time we commonly fill our life with focus on reaching our own goals not as a whole but as an individual. Why would we need acceptance and comfort if we would never feel separated from our environment?

When a body no longer has a beating heart it falls to the ground simply as a pile of flesh and blood. Earth will use this energy to feed, and from it, grass will grow which animals will eat, that will become flesh that other animals will eat to gain energy. See the circle?
The breath is what is keeping us alive, that is the only thing to keep in mind of importance.IMG_6287

Birds are us, born with other opportunities yet still the same. Observe an animal and you will realize that each one is unique and has a “personality”, making decisions after what it has been through, seen and experienced so far just as you and me. Therefor I would like to say that everything is a “person” originating from latin persona meaning a face that you put on to show the world. We are the same but have unique personas outwardly. A character played by an actor. So let’s drop the game at first, see others for what we self are, then we can play a game to have some fun and get som diversity. But before that, get to know YOUR SELF and you will know others self. Love and ego-less-ness.

It is all so temporary. The actions. The words. The perspective. We may think we see patterns but it is our mind playing tricks. Life is in the moment. It has never happened before, not this exact moment, this exact intention behind the word spoken. Find the moment and we can start being aware about being alive and lose our fear of dying. For you die all the time, then you are reborn. All a matter of relative and perspective. We have focus on “the last breath” but the only thing in the world that is constant is change. Life – Death.. the same = Change. Be open for change and hold on to what you want to bring into the new light.

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