I want us to use our imagination. These are pictures I have taken of fire and I let the moment caught by the camera tell the story. What do you see?
This I use when i paint, when I make music, when I look at patterns in the stars.

The first one is unnamed because I do not get any story from it.. maybe do you. Please comment if so. Have fun!

Below the pictures are my titles of each picture describing what I see.



African dance

Cat calling on bird

Cat calling on bird

Dancing tree man

Dancing tree man


Start of a duel

Face watching fireFairy and frogFlying birdLord of the ringsMermaid and lepriconOwl saying goodbyePheonixPrincess with arrowQuestion by the school benchCollibri guarding it's masterRace for the keyThe impartial observerTired shaving legsWelcome my daughtersWine for the deadWizard taking a bathWolfWolfchildWoman speeking fire

Ritual dance
Cat calling on bird (with a sword as a bridge)
Dancing tree man
Start of Duel
Face watching night fire
Fairy and frog (Frog wants to fly)
Bird flying through fire (for bugs)
Lord of the rings
Mermaid writing on scroll and talking to leprechaun
Owl saying good bye and flying away
Princess shot in heart with arrow by evil Fox
Question by the school bench
Vagabond by his bed and colibree fighting off seahorse
Race for the key
Mask facing darkness
Woman getting tired from shaving legs
“Welcome my daughters”
Drinking wine and conversating with butterfly
Angry Wizard taking a bath
Woman speaking fire

One can learn to see symbols in everything perceived during the day aswell as in dreams. The best question to ask is why. I usually ask myself – why is this what I see in this moment and ask if my unconscious is working on something to make me aware about. I guess it can be called present living, not to wait but to see the details of everyday which is what makes every day and even every moment unique.. just as people, trees, ducks, clouds, tone of voice, feeling at eye contact.

Remember – it is in the details.

Love to you all
Pictures from the water where I live

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