I’m sitting here. Early morning. Bus to school leaves soon, to learn about conflicts and means that can be of help to solve them.
But I am so happy. Why am I happy… When there are conflicts, war, disaster and deaths. It doesn’t feel all to right.

I know why
I am happy for internet
I am happy for education
Because we are able to question what are being said in the media and within a few minutes we can look up facts and other people views on the same situation. Make our own picture and not just inherit one journalists view.
We can see what is going on through independent news-sites, videos on youtube or al-jazeera for example. We have facebook where people come together to share ideas from all over the world mixing politics, humor, emotions and pleads.

I think it is beautiful how the balance in the world works.
When there is darkness, light is brought forward. We get together
When there is light, darkness is brought forward. We question – corruption, exclusion

It is not an easy task for all us humans living together as one after so much tragedy.
But we are stirring the soup. We are bringing the bottom to the surface, no way to ignore it. If we want to eat the soup, now we have to eat the bottom to, cause it is a part of the whole taste, it is the taste. How do we want our soup to taste.
I like a mix of gratitude, some acceptance, a spoon of compassion and a big bunch of love. Within that, reflexion, self-responsibility, perspective, losing the leash of the ego.

The world is sick (as in fever, flue, sweating, coughing etc) we need to feed it antidote, and just as in the body it can’t be to less, then it has no effect. We have to antidote that shit stronger than we think we are able to. And keep on going until it is strong enough to heal itself.
Starting with ourselves. That’s the first thing you and I can do.
Reflect on our thoughts. Reflect on our actions.
When we meet someone one refuge, do we imagine ourself in their situation. What they had to leave, where they are in a new culture, new nature, new food. Or do we feel fear

Are they thoughts and actions we want the next generation to grow up into.
What do we want to be the mean of acting towards ourselves.14614301_10154628224518149_139850610_o14632556_10154628224418149_1855869216_o14647211_10154628224453149_1681542915_o
“You cannot control your feeling but you can control your decisions and how you act upon them”

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