My name is William and I’m in India studying Peace- & Conflict Studies

–    Y o u  a r e  n o t  y o u r  b o d y  f00l     –     Y  o  u  r    b  o  d  y    i  s   y  o  u  r   t00l    –

I started off
dazed and confused

but at the sideline
I needed a fuse

Something to lit up, enlight me, be light, don’t fight me

I know I don’t bear
the right or the wrong
I want to participate by singing my song

Oh heaven
I found the stage
The world of expression from the internal maze

I can now write my poems and put them to music
inspire and share electronic or acoustic

But inside here there was so much more!
People and nature
I could feel them in my core

All was a matter of perspective
and from where you want to glance
Unspecifically saying “I can dance”

Since I realized all is within
Catch 22 is unlocked, win-win
I keep an open-mind
until I find it in the dark
I find it when my mind is open.

This is my spark


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