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Have you ever seen a mountain and thought.. I’m going to walk around that mountain, barefoot. I will do this for the inner journey and 100 000 others do the same.
Or have you been driving down the street in town, stopped at a crossing and looked to your left to find yourself staring straight into the eyes of cow who also happens to have stopped at the crossing?

Welcome to India

Today I will focus more globally. Today I want to get a better understanding of what the world looks like and where the system origins from. But as always, the world is what we let our focus upon. Acceptance that everything has two sides and compassion to yourself and thereof to others.
History is good to understand why all around looks like it does today. Not an easy question to answer.

In the lectures we have had human security and the United Nations (UN) as our main focus this week. I have gotten a brief overview what the world looks like today and that it is an outcome of post-colonialism, 500 years of nation-ruling-nation called hegemony, and the end of the cold war. A lot of nationalism, finding-identity-crisis and anger from exklusion mainly from the developing world.
Human security came into place after the cold war when the paradigm changed to individual security instead of security of the state economic. Focus was on – food – health – environmental – personal – community – political /security

So is development good?
As I read in our lecture readings, one I find especially interesting (1). It gives a brief understanding how the new world development was put in place after WWII. It had a clear view of building up the “Third world”. What was created was: The european union (EU), the united nations (UN), the world bank (TWB), the world health organisation (WHO), world trade organisation (WTO) and NATO, and as a reaction to that – The Warsaw pact, leading to the cold war.
The reading mentions that going from a clear goal, clear paradigms, of what to do, the development studies became lost as globalization started, lost it’s focus of where to aid and how. Theories like “Shallow ecology” changed to “Deep ecology” and goal for “Negative peace” had to step up to “Positive Peace” –> This means that you cannot JUST make sure that there is no war going on but you need to work on the roots so that the psychological violence is not taking place on a cultural och structural level and that there is a unified approach in the society. Deep Ecology is, as I see it, influenced by Buddhism where respect for all life, human and nonhuman, is to be fundamental brickstones in the thought process of everyone involved (the collective consioussness – my words of putting it).
To build a society we seem to have realized that we need sustainable development meaning to take regard with the whole of nature (which is quite humorous that we separate ourselves from nature).
As post-colonialism is a big part of all the countries that are struggling their way up today, colonialization is still taking place, but with huge companies instead of countries where some companies have more money than the country itself (!)
Although India was for instance at first colonialized by the west-indian-trading company, with economical help from the British crown.

Leaders of the UN?
In the United Nations you have USA, Russia, China, France and England as veto countries, they have a constant seat in the headquarters (Security council) and speculations say that if this would be re-arranged, they would leave the UN. They where seen as the victorious countries from WWII (how can you be victorious in war)
Veto-meaning: Each of the permanent members has the power to veto, enabling them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” draft Council resolution, regardless of the level of international support for the draft.

UN I think is good but always be critical, who runs it, what is its purpose, who benefits from it. Because today in the power-society there is always someone benefitting from something being told or done. So who is behind it.
The countries destroyed the world, then they are the ones to promise to fix it.. I think it is sketchy.

What I find, and maybe you as well, has to be changed in our system are the banksystem, the extreme wealth created by  the Rothschild (moneylending), Morgan (banking and support/investment in Nikola Tesla at first, until they realized he created free energy) and Rockerfellas (wealth at first from oil) famlilies that today partly own for example: World bank, The international monetary fond (IMF), The Bank of England and The United states federal reserve, as well as a lot of banks in countries.
With the world bank they can offer loans to developing countries, steering them where the money will go to regarding education, military, food etc. and the money don’t really go into the country but mostly goes to american super-organisations such as Monsanto, known to put rural farmers in massive dept.
What was also interesting in the reading-text was that it said that western progress means for us industrialization, it would separate the indigenous people from their cultural roots and expose them to capitalism so we make them buy the wrong things for the wrong reason with money they don’t have. Making slaves basically. Money-making slaves.

I think it is good to know that in 1906 Rockerfeller started the General Educational Board, taking over the educational system in america.
And Rothschild family (jews) seems to be owning Israel as well as reuters and the associated press being the two biggest media sources today.

I might be a bit out of my trail here, my goal is to raise awareness of how the power and economical system works today as it seems like we aren’t living as one with the world and not many of us really know why we work or buy what we do (truth to oneself simply)
* Who runs the educational system and for whom is it beneficial what is taught in school?
* Is what I am buying made in a sustainable matter?
(clothes, bottles, cars, lipstick, soap, candy, shoes, water) we are often unaware, living unconsciously, with an easy way of changing it in the moment.
* What would my life look like if I never took a loan from a bank?

My way to move the world towards a positive resolution for all is
Acceptance, Compassion, Gratitude and Love
– Accept the situation and work from here, no anger and evil in the backpack on the journey and turn the self-pity into strength.
– Show compassion for the nature, yourself and every other being. All go through life with the same feelings and reactions, so find a uniting soul with the world outside and see life for what it is, true.
– Gratitude is KEY to truly feel at peace right in this moment. Actually as we are reading this…  focus on your breathing.
breath in into your heart,
when you feel calm and present
think of the things around you right now that are of appreciation for you.
I think about electricity and through that about Nikola Tesla,
the soft bed,
my headphones,
right now the fan because it is really hot here in India.
Then I start to appreciate my hands
and my fingers
and think about that I can write this thanks to them,
My feet and legs as I can run to the toilet when in need
(I got a bit of a Dehli-Belly atm).
And as I think about every single object on its own I realize that everything has started out as an idea in someones head which the person later has carried out to others to enjoy, or through evolution as we think about the fantastic body that makes in possible to be alive and enjoy this beautiful earth.

Love is the combining force that comes out of this.
The way of seeing that you are in everything.

If every moment is up to you to feel the way you want to feel,
where do you want to put your focus.
Because focus is your free-will, and that you are always able to control.

For the extra reading

Here is some candy:

Richard Werner who is a specialist in central banks and money-politics goes through how the banks create money –
Aqueela Sherills has a nice story about how he helped end the Crips and Blood gang-war in USA, Los Angeles – (15 minutes)
Vandana Shiva is a world-activist working against globalization, raising awareness about if you control the power of food, as the seeds for example, you control the people, and today Monsanto isn’t far away from “food totalitarianism” in certain areas. –  Monsantos food control
Judith Butler talks about how gender and maybe even sex is made from culture and society –  (3 minutes)
Ghandi is probably the strongest influence today in how we can speak our needs to those in power in a non-violent communicational way. Marshall Rosenberg (peacebuilder, psychologist) gives a great way to start – (1 hour)
Avaaz is an online community that now has 45 million members which makes difference in the decisions being made (me myself is part of it) – Homepage

The Yes Men are really funny guys working with mixing with advertisement in order to raise awareness about different situations/problems.
Here is a short clip from a longer documentary where they pretend to act being from DOW a company responsible for one of the worst chemical disasters, noticing the area has not been re-established or re-paid. (5 minutes)
Info – Bhopal accident

.. And if you are really in for a good very alternative story see Credo Mutwa, an african healer and zulu-mythology storyteller –  (2 hours)

(1) Paradigms lost, Paradigms regained? by Frans Shuurman

What I find hard is finding sources that are not written in a biased way. Constantly there is an “us against them” feeling. Separation, which separates earth.  -Banks owned – IMF – IMF – General Educational Board – Rothschild. May be a bit alternative

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