Haha life, it is so vast, complex and ungraspable and yet so simple and obvious. It is all up to the the observer really to interpret.
Mostly it is about what you chose/are made to focus on.

I’ve noticed that the more I learn, the more I understand, the more I realize that everything happening in the world is by individuals reacting to feelings within them. These feelings have roots in culture, belief, knowledge, language, family situation, safety, dreams, food… I see it as all of this becomes a massive mix that is sent into a tube going to the mind that sends the message through the body with a message of how to act and react to what happens on the outside. Some ‘ingredients’ are always there in the tube, some can be changed with a bit of energy/effort and new insights and some change everyday, hour, minute, second.
We all feel the same core feelings (this is now discussable as we can’t be totally certain about someone else’s reality) but the end result, the mix in the tube, is always unique as you get new impressions constantly, and no one else experiences the exact same things as you do either. So what we can talk to each other about are the core feelings (but learn about each other by understanding the other persons mix).
How to know what’s a mixture and what is a core feeling?
Meditation I say. Releasing the ego for a while, who looks through feelings from one perspective.
“To now and again analyze how and why you react to certain things in a certain way and if it is the way you want to react”.

Now to something else.. (but still the same topic)
Here is a small lecture/ or an update
Yesterday me an Abass had a conversation about Afghanistan – his homecountry.
This is my understanding of what is going on:

It seems like the Afghanistan trouble started with the Durand-line in 1893 between Afghanistan and what now is Pakistan, made by the British who had control over Afghans foreign affairs and diplomatic relations. What they (Brits) did was basically to draw a line on the map to improve diplomatic influence and trade over northern India (which they had been a colonial power over since 1612 and which lasted until Indias independence in 1947). Afghanistan became independent in 1919 and recognized the Durand-line as the official land-border. When India became independent from brittish rule in 1947 (mostly thanks to Mahatma Ghandi’s consistent political activism) the muslims in the India wanted their own country, not share it with hindus, and broke free from India, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah with what was called “The muslim league“. They were given the country Pakistan. Afghanistan, sharing border, then said that “all our people living on your side of the Durand line will have self-determination.” Pakistan and Britain refused. Afghan didn’t then recognize any border and started going into territories covering 60% of Pakistans area. This set of the starting point of a bad relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
What happened?
Pakistan turned to the U.S for help.
Afghanistan (first turned to US with no success) then turned to Sovjet. They saw Pakistans military forces growing stronger so they bought weapons from Sovjet and sent many soldiers to military schools in Sovjet until a military coup in Afghanistan in ’78 called the “Saur revolution” (Swedish – Aprilrevolutionen). A lot of politics going on here. The revolution was a great one for womens rights especially.
A counter-revolution started by talibans. Here Sovjet changes a lot:
The Sovjets ‘Red army’ came to Afghan in ’79 -’89 to hold back the talibans (who were financed a lot by ex. China and the US). When they left in the beginning of 90’s, the talibans slowly pushed for control over the country, destroyed televisions, cut out internet, closed schools and went on to teach the teaching of the koran to the people. Women had it terribly terrible. It was the only thing that was going to be. The world wouldn’t come in and the afghans would not come out. No help from UN or Nato or FN.. from the world.
Then USA is attacked in 2001 and the whole world stops. Now the last potato has been set and a war against terrorism is started… but Afghanistan has gone through 10 years of hell with no-one lifting an eyebrow.

This is such a complex situation that you can’t understand it is true.
But I hope it gave us a little bit more understanding about what is going on or at least an update.

If you want to read more about south asia:
See:Sri Lanka civil war
Independence of Pakistan (later Bangladesh) – Biggest move of people with 12million passing border
The troubles in Kashmir
Bhutan – What is it?  Bhutan nr2

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