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Life here is really good at the moment guys. It feels like I haven’t really landed yet. Among us students, where ever you are and whoever you sit next to or walk along side, you fall into discussions about politics, economy, culture or religion. Ankit (on one of the pictures) is Indian and he teaches me, aswell as the others, so much about the culture and the mentality and the food and the clothing here in India. Just priceless!

What I experience is that India is a really strong country, and it was before the colonialisation in the 1500 aswell, but it has been demolished by greed. Taking without giving. In the latest years, before independence in 1947, the brittish empire had not been kind. It had been what is know as ‘negative peace’ (expression coined by Johan Galtung). Where war is not outbroken but the people are suppressed and not content with the current situation. Ghandi was one of the people to take India out of it, with expert knowledge in the human psyche he knew how to gather and focus the people in the right direction. 16 years after he started with the famous ‘salt march’ India got independence. One year later he was shot by a hindi, one of his own.

Today there is a lot of action to lift India by the government but what has to be done is a change is the common mentality, especially about child labour and the respect for women.
There is corruption in the government, as all lot of parts over the world, which makes it harder. The questions are extremely complicated to get around because of all the history, the caste system and that there is 1.2 billion people.

The world is coming out from a great figuratively earthquake. But change is gonna come… and probably our generation will have a great deal in healing the world after the colonialisation era and second world war.

Much love

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