Is life for everyone to enjoy as they please?

From diary.
Yesterday I waved goodbye. In between now and then I’ve met a girl form Morocco (whom was very pleased with her first acquaintance with a swede).
“Delete” her name sounded like as she said it with a smile and as she, her self, explained it as sounding.
“I ran away” from home to move to Germany four years ago she also said a bit jestingly.
That she thinks she is promised-away to marry her cousin since she was 8 years old was also said with a glimpse in the eye. My feeling was that I have to ask her – Be honest, tell me about you situation right now in life.
She went to Germany as soon as she turned 18, she doesn’t cover her hair and she does not look forward to going home as her family thinks she is brainwashed.
It is a whole different culture but the main part, as we came to conclusion with, was that her dad did not respect her as she was. For him, she in still just a daughter who is going to live the life he is telling her to live. Praying 5 times a day, living by the koran, marrying whom she is told.
I told her that she should speak her mind about how she feels. The reply was that she does not want to hurt her mom or her dad as they are really nice to her, she just does not believe in their way of living. I said that they don’t want to hurt her either, but by her not telling them they do not know. We realized that if she was ready for a change, it would be a tough period from now on and that it was up to her if she could live in Germany having this in her backpack all the time or if she wanted to try ease the load.
One belief, that I think I agree with, is that in life you have some great tasks to be done with. Some might be to break-loose and live life in the order you want, others might have to find a way of expressing themselves or some maybe need to take care of others. We all have something that we feel extra value for, deep down inside of us.


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