My journey began a long time ago, but this particular one… it starts now.

Hello and welcome!
My name is William and I will be studying Peace- & Conflict studies in India, Pondicherry.
With an interest in behavioral science, psychology, traveling, philosophy and meditation I thought – well this is just perfect.

I’m sitting here writing this at an airport in Abu Dhabi at 22.30 pm with a coffee that has gone cold thinking about why I started this blog and I have found three reasons:
 Bring India closer
Share ideas about how to solve conflicts
In between talk about Life

Oh how I love to talk about life, those conversations that kind of lingers after you when you stand up and walk away saying that something about you has changed. In some way you will go and think differently or there’s something you look different upon from that moment. Like if I say that your goal you have in life is most easily reached by you thinking about how you are going to feel when you are there. Then generating that feeling inside of you and acting as if you were already there. Ah, well… that’s what they say and from my own experience it’s quite accurate. More of that later.
Oh those moments, aren’t they wonderful.

The last two years has really been a time for me to think about it.
How do I want to live my life and how will I go about to achieve it.
What I found was that I had to look inwards, see what’s my feeling and what feeling do I want to go through life with. Because it is up to me… as it is up to you what feeling you want to have when you react to all the things happening to you .
We are all made of the same grains, let’s realize it and let the ego sit on the sideline for a while.

Hopefully ahead of us is an adventure of interesting meetings, pictures, films and insights to look forward to!

Here we go



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